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Our Company

For twenty years PSI has been specializing in the design and manufacture of sophisticated, high-end instrumentation for research in biological sciences.

Our current product lines include:

  • chlorophyll fluorescence techniques
  • advanced Chl and GFP imaging
  • intelligent photobioreactors, growth chambers and algal incubators
  • plantscreen and plant phenotyping systems customized to users' needs
  • wide range of compact, hand-held instrumentation

Our products based on the latest techniques and components are used in scientific programs in many countries throughout the world. Everyday contacts with researchers are the base of our policy of continuous development.



  • Informal collaboration between Martin Trtilek and Ladislav Nedbal started, aimed on developing optical instruments for non-invasive monitoring of photosynthetic activities in plants.


  • Photon Systems Instruments, Ltd. (PSI) was founded by Martin Trtilek and Ladislav Nedbal in Brno, Czech Republic to design and manufacture scientific instrumentation.



  • PSI was the first in the world to introduce a commercial instrument for kinetic imaging of plant chlorophyll fluorescence – the FluorCam.


  • PSI released the Data Logger and the first version of the OxyCorder used for measuring dissolved oxygen in algal and cyanobacterial suspensions.




  • The Peltier cell based Thermoregulator was developed originally as an accessory for the Double-Modulation Fluorometer.


  • To facilitate the rapid expansion of the product range, the company moved to a new seat in Brno.


  • The Thermoluminescence system TL200/PMT was released extending the range of the PSI instrumentation beyond measuring prompt chlorophyll fluorescence emission.




  • PSI released two more FluorCam models. The Arch FluorCam enables to generate three dimensional images of Chl-fluorescence emission and the Handy GFPCam is used for imaging of fluorescence protein emission.
  • Manufacture of a new product line - several versions of the powerful LED Light Panels – has begun.


  • After an extensive development and testing, the new FluorCam FC 800-C and FC 800-O model was delivered providing a large working space with highly homogenous and powerful actinic and saturating irradiance.
  • The first high-precision Photobioreactors FMT 150 for cultivation of algae, cyanobacteria and photosynthetic bacteria were produced for applications in systems biology and precision biotechnology. The instrument features a unique combination of the cultivation vessel of sophisticated control capacity and powerful measuring and monitoring device.
  • The FluorPen and PlantPen, representing a new product line of pocket-sized instruments, were developed to enable rapid and inexpensive measurements of fluorescence and reflectance indices in the laboratory and field.


  • The earlier instruments were substantially innovated to operate and share data over the internet: the On-line Photobioreactor and On-line Fluorometer FL5000 represent this line of instrumentation.
  • The line of Pocket-Sized Instruments was extended by the AquaPen, a highly sensitive version of the FluorPen to measure fluorescence of diluted phytoplankton samples.


  • AOM, the Algal Online Monitor for flow-through monitoring of photosynthetically active microorganisms in natural waters was released.
  • New customized models of the FluorCam instrument were developed. The Rover serves large-scale scanning in field; the XY-Plane is optimized for high throughput screening and multispectral analysis.
  • The line of Pocket-Sized Instruments was extended by the N-Pen measuring actual nitrogen content in plants.


  • PSI introduced a new product line of FytoScopes - growth chambers with well-defined culture conditions and with accommodated optional instruments for measurement of chlorophyll fluorescence.
  • The Photobioreactor FMT 150 was further extended by adding high-precision Gas Mixing System.
  • PSI has moved to a new R&D and manufacturing facility in Drasov.


  • PSI started to focus its production on large cultivation and measuring systems, such as large-scale Photobioreactors (25L, 100L versions), walk-in growth chambers (Climabox FS 2700), or large XYZ imaging systems equipped with conveyor belts.
  • The line of Pocket-Sized Instruments was extended by the SpectraPen - handheld, programmable spectrophotometer.


  • The existing Photobioreactor production line has been extended to a completely new product, Multi-Cultivator MC 1000 serving for controlled, small-scale cultivation of algae or cyanobacteria.


  • Besides the wide portfolio of standard instrumentation PSI continues with manufacture and installations of large PlantScreen and Plant Phenotyping Systems, which are customized to customers specific requirements.
  • The line of Pocket-Sized Instruments was extended by the PolyPen device that features complete system for measurement of spectral reflectance from leaves as well as measurements of transmittance and absorbance of any external light source.


  • Ladislav Nedbal - one of the co-founders - left the company.
  • PSI introduced a new fluorometer system OnlineFlow Fluorometer FFL-2012 - an autonomously operated measuring station intended for continuous monitoring of fluorescence emitted by photosynthetic freshwater and marine microorganisms.
  • The line of Pocket-Sized Instruments was extended by the SpectraPen LM 500, handheld spectroradiometer that is pre-configured and pre-calibrated to measure spectral characteristics and to calculate key parameters like Lux, Lumen, PAR, and Watt.


  • PSI developed a new PlanTherm device that serves for fast and easy estimation of heat stability of plants.
  • The line of Pocket-Sized Instruments was extended by the LaiPen - handheld, battery-powered device measuring Leaf Area Index (LAI) in tree or shrub growths.


  • PSI presented a new line of Phenotyping systems - PlantScreen TM Modular System, which integrates robotic solution for high-precision digital plant phenotyping and plant cultivation of mid-scale size up to large plants (e.g., corn, wheat) in greenhouses or semi-controlled environment.
  • First Integrated Plant and Algal Phenomics Meeting (IPAP) was organized in Prague and Drasov in June 2015 - photo archive from 2015 Meeting here.
  • In summer, PSI Research Center was founded - equipped with state-of-the-art facilities for plant and algae cultivation and monitoring. PSI Research Center provides service platform with professional support to scientific community for plant cultivation and image-based monitoring in controlled environment and in greenhouses.
  • New generation of highly sensitive chlorophyll fluorescence CCD camera was introduced.


  • PSI introduced to market a new VNIR hyperspectral camera that serves primarily to implementation into the PlantScreen Phenotyping systems.
  • New generation of high-speed chlorophyll fluorescence CCD camera designed for fast chlorophyll induction kinetics measurement (OJIP) was developed.
  • Second Integrated Plant and Algal Phenomics Meeting (IPAP) will be organized in Prague and Drasov in September 2016.